Let me take you far away, you’d like a holiday | Outfit of The Day

Lyrics: Holiday by The Scorpions

It’s been a while since I did an outfit post – the weather here is getting pleasanter, but ’tis the season for illnesses too, and so both Praveen & I have been quite under the weather. It’s been a bit hectic, and I’ve been dreaming of a nice long vacation by myself, somewhere in the tropics, looking at the beach, reading a book and generally forgetting about the world for a while. The top 3 places on my travel bucketlist right now are Majorca, the Maldives and Bali – all three unbelievably beautiful places that anyone could explore on their own and relax like never before! Do you have any dream destinations you’ve always had on your mind? Would love to hear about it from you!

So now you know – that’s what inspired this outfit – the next best thing to actually going on vacation!

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6 Men’s Fashion Trends From NYFWM

When it comes to men being well-dressed, I don’t see a lot of it here, and when I do see exceptions it’s so refreshing. I’m reminded of this scene in the movie Clueless when it comes to fashion for men here.
But then, being well-dressed doesn’t have to be exclusive to us. I think that too many people get intimidated by the notion of ‘fashion’, and straight men tend to assume it’s something only girls or gay men pay attention to. All you have to do is invest in a few basic pieces and be creative with the ways you wear them. Over time, you’ll start paying more attention and add more elements like accessories.

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Manicure Mondays: Dark & Mysterious

I’m back with Manicure Mondays! I know I’ve been slacking a little on posting last week – the photographer I work with, Praveen, is a bit under the weather so that’s the reason for the lack of OOTDs lately, but I promise I’ll be back with lots real soon!
Last weekend, I was privileged enough to be able to attend the Poets of the Fall concert in Bangalore for the second time. Back in 2012, I met the ENTIRE band and Marko hugged me and I almost dieddd 😀 they’re underrated as hell, and I still don’t get how crap like Miley Cyrus is more popular. I decided to go all out for the concert, with my look (I snapped up a picture of my makeup but in the excitement forgot the outfit pic!) – smokey eyes, red lips, black t-shirt, ripped jeans and ankle boots. My manicure was specially for the concert and so it’s delightfully dark.
For this Monday Manicure, I used Ciate Paint Pot in Paparazzi and Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania (603) in Starry Nights. I love how glossy the Ciate Paint Pots are, and the colours are one of a kind. You can find them at Sephora in New Delhi as of now (waiting for them to announce their shopping website!). The Maybelline Glitter Mania one took me forever to buy mainly because I’ve never worn black nailpolish before. This made me fall in love. It literally looks like someone took a lovely, dark, starry sky and somehow turned it into nailpolish. It takes forever to come off but if you try this nailpolish hack, it’ll be a lot easier to get it off. The combination of dark purple and black just completely went with that concert look I was going for.
What about you? Is there a favourite nail colour you have, or did you take a picture of your manicure recently?
If you’d like to show off your nails, tweet to me or tag me on Instagram and use #SSManicureMondays!

Celebrating Rakhi at The Black Rabbit, Indiranagar, Bangalore!

the black rabbit indiranagar bangalore

This weekend brought me a nice break after ages, and Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan got me to spend some quality time with my older brother, Raja. Him and I look very similar (we got called twins yesterday on his FB) but he’s ten years older than I am. That doesn’t really matter – we fight and argue about a lot of issues, but we’re also weird when it comes to showing each other how much we care. The crazy nicknames, the random gestures and surprises, the late night laughing our asses off at things we see online – I’ll always love that 🙂

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Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015 Day 1: Thoughts

Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015 kickstarted yesterday with a lot of fanfare, and is set to continue through this week, bringing you the very best India has to offer in terms of design talent. I personally think there’s so much more scope for making fashion a much more serious field in India – we’ve got some of the most beautiful fabrics, handicrafts, textiles and design techniques that the world’s ever seen, yet it’s not quite gotten through to the global arena. I have huge respect for designers like Manish Arora, Sabyasachi, and Bibhu Mohapatra for putting Indian talent on the global map.

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A glimpse into the latest awesome tech from Google at Google House

Google House at The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Google, as a company, has always had a special place in my heart because of my summer interning there at Gurgaon, in 2008. I was one of the select few students from top colleges in Delhi University to join as an AdWords intern. It was for six weeks, but nothing can match how much I learned and grew during that period, with our marketing presentation pitch ideas eventually being forwarded to the global Google Apps (now Google Drive) team. It was then that Google was growing its presence in India.

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Manicure Mondays: Sparkle & a Pop of Pink

Monday Manicures: Sparkle and a Pop of Pink!

When it comes to nailpolish, I’m guilty of being a hoarder. I think I’m not alone when I say I literally have EIGHT different shades of blue nailpolish, among multiple different shades of plenty of other colours. Open up that pretty wooden box of mine and a ton of nailpolishes WILL come tumbling out. So, as a challenge to myself, I’m starting Manicure Mondays. I’m going to try a brand new look on my nails that I’ll show you every Monday, and I’d love to know what you think too!

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Inspired Living – A Beautiful Home & the chance to win a brand new car!

inspired living with commune

I’ve been living in Bangalore for the past 4 years now, and it has really grown on me. I’ve always been a city girl, being from Delhi, so when it comes to moving to another city, the culture and vibe of the place is important to me. If there’s one place other than Delhi where I’d love to someday have a place of my own, it would have to be Bangalore. The great weather, the cosmopolitan culture, the music scene, the arts and culture and the hospitality of the people here makes me think a place of my own wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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Oh lights go down, in the moment we’re lost and found – Outfit of the Day

Lyrics: Wings by Birdy

This week was spent mostly in a whirlwind of activities, work, events, and also a major breakthrough for me in terms of my writing. I wrote a new poem after nearly two years. I used to fairly regular, but then life caught up. Between second-hand music from my cubicle mate’s earphones, a kazillion ideas for the brand I work for and SS itself, I decided this time I wanted to do something very relaxed. Read on to know more about the inspiration behind this week’s outfit of the day.

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Louboutin For Your Lips Couldn’t Be More Perfect

As if creating masterpieces out of red-soled shoes wasn’t enough, Louboutin first came out with an iconic nailpolish in the exact shade of red on every Louboutin shoe sole. Now we’ve got the most exquisitely beautiful lipsticks from Christian Louboutin.

There are 38 gorgeous shades in the collection, ranging from dusty pinks to fiery signature Louboutin reds. The lipsticks have 3 types of finishes – Silky Satin, Sheer Voile and Velvet Matte.

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