Things are Hotting Up – Hindustan Times Mumbai Edition, Saturday, April 29 2017

I was quoted in an article on summer fashion trends in the Hindustan Times Mumbai Edition of Saturday, 29th April 2017. The epaper can be viewed here.

Featured on EventsHigh As One of the Upcoming Fashion Bloggers In Bangalore

Featured on Events High

I was featured in this article listing some of the top upcoming fashion bloggers in Bangalore. The list includes some of the most stylish fashion bloggers with some of my friends too among a few! Here’s the article about the Upcoming Fashion Bloggers in Bangalore.

Featured on Polka Cafe’s Inspiring People in Fashion

This was my second feature in the online fashion and lifestyle portal Polka Cafe, in an article about fashion inspirations. Read the full article for more from others on what/who their fashion inspirations are!

Polka Cafe: Leading Fashion Bloggers Tell Us About Style Trends They Hope Never Come Back

Quoted in an article on Polka Cafe about leading style trends I hope never come back. Here’s the article.



Featured in the #InfluencerSpeaks Series on

I was featured as a top influencer in the #InfluencerSpeaks series by, a unique platform and app that builds a connect between bloggers and brands that would like to connect with them. In this interview, I discuss a few of the aspects involved in being a blogger and influencer, and my experiences so far. The full interview can be read here.

Featured in Polka Cafe As One of The Top Female Fashion Bloggers To Follow

I was featured in popular lifestyle & pop culture magazine Polka Cafe‘s list of the top female fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram – original article here.