A HUGE Thank You – Sartorial Secrets Turns 2 Today!

I’ve been ‘blogging’ since as far back as I can remember. Back when the word ‘blog’ didn’t exist, I’d stowed away tons and tons of diaries, little notebooks and scraps of paper on which I’d put down my thoughts, my everyday routines, my dreams and my fears. I then moved on to a little LiveJournal blog (which I still sometimes write in to this day) that has some really amazing memories.

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Introducing our new writer, Gayatri!

Hi loves! I’ve been really busy the past two weeks with the brother’s wedding, and I’m finally back! Before I get back to bringing you the stuff you love reading here, let me introduce someone new in Team SS.

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Instagram Giveaway – Win Beauty Goodies Worth Rs. 5000!

Hi loves! So if you haven’t already seen my Instagram, I’m running a huge giveaway along with some of my favourite bloggers – Style Prism, Ishtyle A While, Curios and Dreams and Live Laugh Dress Up. Instagram is one of my favourite platforms to be on, and the love you guys give me on there really motivates me and makes me feel happy to have started Sartorial Secrets. So I thought of giving back to the community with my favourite people in our own special way!

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Happy Diwali!

It’s that time of the year, when the whole city’s lit up with so many scintillating lights, when the place echoes with warm wishes and fireworks alike, your kitchen counter’s exploding with sweet boxes and when being with the people you love makes the celebration as special as it is. Diwali is a time for both celebration and reflection – while we all celebrate the festival of lights, let’s also be conscious about how our choices affect those around us – for instance, skipping the giant trail of bombs this season and going for a sparkler instead will make your colony safer for animals and humans alike. Let’s reflect on the year past and think of ways to make the coming days even more awesome than the ones before. Amidst the delicious sweets, dazzling lights and the lively conversations, let’s say a silent thanks for everything we’ve been given, and work towards an even more amazing year ahead.

So on that positive note, Happy Diwali! I hope you guys dress up in your ethnic best, gorge on lots of yummy delicacies, have a wonderful time with your closest friends and family and have an awesome rest of the year!

xx Nandini

Happy Birthday Ms. Radha a.k.a. Mom!!!

Today, 18th April, is my mom’s birthday – a woman who’s been my inspiration, my rock and my idol. Through all the years, she’s taught me that you *can* have it all. Ex-editor, sari-styling expert, solver of insanely difficult crossword puzzles, voracious reader, strong and independent woman, mom, and wife. She’s beauty, elegance and eloquence all in one. Recently, she took over the Delhi wing of Sartorial Secrets and has been amazing at it, attending events and expressing herself through her great sense of style. (now you know where I get my inspirations from). Happy birthday and hoping you have a year ahead that’s as wonderful as you are. Love you mom.

Young Teen Girls Can Now Be Introduced to Their First Bra with Little Women by Buttercups Lingerie

Remember when you were a young teen girl, struggling to figure out what was happening to you, your thoughts, your body? Teenage is a confusing time for most young women, mainly because our bodies and minds go through so many changes, and yet historically, there has never been an honest chat about it, whether it’s with your mom or a close family confidante or friend. It’s always been considered so taboo to even mention what happens when you hit puberty. Most of the time (unless you were lucky), you would just be told that you’ve ‘become a woman’, and then get handed a pad and a training bra. The whys, the hows and the whats were just left hanging, as if to say that you’d have to figure it out as you go along. Of late, it’s been heartening to see a change in our society for the better, where young girls can now learn much more about their bodies and why they are changing, to develop a much more healthy relationship with their bodies at a younger age, sans the hushed taboos. I recently came across a lovely new initiative by Buttercups Lingerie, that helps teen girls pick out their very first bra. Read to know what it’s all about!

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The News You’ve Been Waiting For – H&M In Bangalore!

The News You've Been Waiting For - H&M In Bangalore!

Heard the latest? I’m sure everyone has been waiting for ages to have an H&M in Bangalore. The global fashion retailer is finally making its appearance to Bangalore! I always made it a point to shop there whenever I went home to Delhi, and you can see some of the awesome stuff I bought during my Delhi haul at H&M. Read to know all the exciting details of the launch!

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[CLOSED] Christmas Giveaway with House This From Jabong! Win Home Products worth Rs. 1000

Win these lovely home products this Christmas! ‘Tis the season to be jolly and generous and I’ve partnered with Jabong brand House This to do just that 🙂 Read on to know how to get lucky.

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Storytelling Through Video For A Cause – Manipal Hospitals

Seize The Story by Manipal Hospitals

You’ve seen people you care about succumb to the pitfalls of smoking. You’ve observed people with a total disregard for safety on the road. You’ve seen people close to you struggle with depression, with the outside world completely alienating them for it. Everyone knows about these issues. What’s missing is a sense of responsibility and awareness, and an understanding of what these issues are truly about.

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The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award nominates awesome bloggers and also helps you discover new and interesting blogs to follow! The very lovely Oghenero from Allurin Beauty was kind enough to nominate me 🙂 thank you so much! Here are the rules to follow once you’re nominated –

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