To New Beginnings, Big Changes & Lots Of Dreams!

Happy New Year, you guys! I’m sorry for being MIA for the last two or three weeks but that’s only because I’ve been dealing with some big changes. 2017 held all kinds of amazing moments for me, but it has also had its share of stress, and health issues which made me take short breaks quite a lot.

Around November is when I realized this wasn’t right, and that something had to go. While I loved my job and the brand I worked for, I was losing momentum because of my health which hasn’t been the best. I love working on my blog equally as much, and while I can definitely take a break from work, my blog is my passion for the last nearly 3 years and I would never want to stop. So as of December, I quit my full-time job and am going to use the start of 2018 to focus on my health, my blog and take a step back to think about what’s next. It’s an open ended question that I don’t know the answer to just yet, but I hope I find it soon!

2017 was actually the best year for Sartorial Secrets.

From getting to interact more with my readers and followers, to winning my first ever award, the Orange Flower Award for Style Writing, and being nominated for two more (The Indiblogger Blog Awards and the Better Homes & Gardens & Social Samosa Lifestyle Influencer Awards).

From finding the amazing Arya Photography team of Arjun and Chaya who are now both friends and SS team members for me, to beginning work with some brands that I’d only ever dreamed of working with, including Daniel Wellington and Louis Vuitton. Most of all, getting to experiment so much more with my personal style.

This year was also my biggest when it comes to travel. I started the year with a small trip to Pune for a colleague’s wedding, then stamped my passport for the first time in years on my birthday, to go to Bali with When In City. Shoutout to them for the most amazing collab, and such a well-organized, fun trip!

There were some very dark times in between which included losing one of my favourite musicians ever, Chester Bennington, whose music I grew up with, and my own personal demons and battles which I continue to fight and will now focus on driving away.

I did a few very exciting things for work, and later in the year attended the Lifeplugin Summit in Goa which truly opened my eyes to a lot and contributed to some of my year-end decisions. I ended the year with a huge change which was quitting my job after nearly 3 years of working there which was hard but necessary for me to move forward. The icing on the cake was my surprise Bhutan trip with Mahindra Adventure, which I’ll share with you guys super soon!

2018 for me would ideally be where I step into the light, so to speak. That’s somewhat the inspiration behind the shoots I did both for Christmas and New Year!

It’ll be about rediscovering what makes me happy, and what I would like to share through this blog while understanding what you guys like. Being yourself is actually misunderstood and underrated. It’s about being true to yourself, about not compromising on your core principles. About working on getting better while still maintaining who you are. No matter how your outward appearance may change, the you that’s inside should always be your awesome self. Never let anything or anyone tell you otherwise.

So as I take my slightly nervous yet excited steps into this year, I’m grateful for all of you, who’ve been part of my life, blogging and otherwise. I can’t wait to see what this year brings. Happy new year once again!



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