Luxury Living Inspiration with Obeetee x Abraham & Thakore

Luxury Carpets - Obeetee x Abraham & Thakore

Written by Gayatri Iyer, part of the Sartorial Secrets Squad Delhi

While winter is a lovely time to bask in the sun, it was even lovelier to warm up to the latest OBEETEE luxury carpets Collection specially crafted by ace designers Abraham & Thakore at The Lodhi in Delhi. The ‘Proud to be Indian’ collection is specially handcrafted for the discerning customer who loves modern sensibilities and timeless Indian artistry.

Abraham & Thakore are known for the extensive use of traditional handloom textiles in their clothing. They were the perfect choice to co-create this luxury carpets collection focusing on the rich Indian heritage and contemporary styles. As textile designers first, they have incorporated some of the all-time favorite textile designs like Ikat from Andhra, Bandhini from Kutch, traditional Indian calligraphy scripts, temple borders of Kanchipuram silks etc. The color palette selected consists of soft blues, greys and earthy browns and yellows.

Obeetee, India’s largest luxury carpets maker takes pride in creating one-of-a-kind hand-woven rugs, which means each rug takes 8 months to a year to craft, depending on the knots per square inch.

They are supported by a huge weaver community in Mirzapur, who are known for their intricate craftsmanship and detailing. Their dedication and talent has brought the lovely designs to life.

Each of these luxury carpets has an elaborate life cycle, starting with a naksha, then the luxurious silk and wool fibers hand-knotted and there are more than 200 knots per sq.inch. After that, the final washes and finishing touches are given. As a customer you will exactly know which weaver family made this piece of art for you, so you can proudly display it at home.

When you buy an Obeetee rug, you can be sure of its authenticity and quality because it cannot get more Indian than this. Their commitment to support and revive the Indian handloom industry is reinforced with every new collection. You can check out Obeetee here.
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