Of Dreams, Escapes and Art ft Caratlane Jewellery

Of Dreams, Escapes and Art ft Caratlane Jewellery

My love for jewellery must be pretty obvious by now to you guys. I just love playing around with different colours, materials, textures and designs when it comes to jewellery. It has so many creative ways of bringing a touch of personality to whatever you wear. Today I’m going to be styling and showing you some of my favourite pieces from two gorgeous collections by Caratlane jewellery – the Jaipur collection and the Butterfly Collection.

Jaipur conjures up images of majestic palaces, of eras bygone, of narrow lanes and the juxtaposition of the old and the new. Of colours, celebrations, festivals and delicious food. Caratlane jewellery sought to capture the essence of the Pink City through its Jaipur collection.

Every piece has been crafted with 18 karat yellow gold and diamonds, using a famous Jaipur monument as inspiration. There’s a sense of royalty and finesse in this collection, while still being something you can pair with just about anything. What I love about these pieces is that they’re as at home paired with western silhouettes as they would be with ethnic wear.

This delicate pearl drop pendant was one of my favourites for its intricate work and the pink stone detailing.

This lovely ring makes for the perfect pairing with an elegant cocktail dress or even a sari or anarkali.

The beautiful drop earrings pair perfectly with the ring and this whole set would complement both ethnic and westernwear outfits for special occasions.

Another piece that makes for a gorgeous addition to your jewellery box would be these chandelier earrings that have been inspired by the ornate windows of the royal palaces in Rajasthan.

That delicate pendant is so me – I’d say it’s great for everyday wear as well as with a dark-hued cocktail dress.
The Jaipur collection makes me think of Rajasthan with its whispers of royalty, the riot of colours in its bazaars and the complete majesty of its architecture. You can check out the full collection here.

The Butterfly Collection is something I personally related to so well. It uses yellow gold, diamonds and stunning enamel work to bring together a collection that’s all about setting your spirit free.

Often, I get caught up in the negativity and bad vibes that other people project. But it’s important to find your feet, focus on yourself and set free the talent and the dreams that you have within you! The butterfly collection captures the essence of this very mood. It tells you not to flutter away in the face of challenge, but to embrace it, open up your wings and soar into bigger and better things. The butterfly collection captures that free spirit, that always dreaming and always believing in herself kind of a woman.

This ring was my absolute favourite. I love the way it wraps around the finger, giving the illusion of a beautiful butterfly alighting delicately on to my hand.

Explore the full collection from Caratlane jewellery here.¬†Caratlane is a Tanishq partnership, and they’re one of the best e-commerce websites for jewellery. The Try@Home options is pretty great because let’s face it, we all prefer to try on jewellery before we buy it!
What were your favourite pieces from the collection? Let me know in the comments!
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Photography: Arjun Shaw & Chaya Gogoi from Arya Photography
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