The New Secret to Glowing Skin – Activated Charcoal Spa Treatment at Serena Spa

The New Secret to Glowing Skin - Activated Charcoal Spa Treatment at Serena Spa

If there’s one thing you should do at least once, it’s to get an activated charcoal spa. An activated charcoal treatment is something that’s gained popularity over the past year. Activated charcoal as an ingredient has made its way into beauty products, spa treatments. In India, Serena Spa was one of the first to actually co-opt activated charcoal into its beauty treatments. I recently got introduced me to their recently opened spa at the Marriott, Whitefield. Read on to know my experience with the treatment!

Part 1 of the festive season just went by and we’re already onto the next phase! In the midst of all the craziness, right from planning campaigns at work to having boss girl blogger mode on, to shoots, events and more, I’ve hardly had time to truly relax and unwind. My skin has also been feeling a little dull and tired lately, so I thought I’d go and get myself something out of the box that might help.

Serena Spa by Heaven on Earth recently opened up at the Marriott, Whitefield. It promises a whole range of unique spa treatments designed for all kinds of skin and health concerns. From their Red Rice treatment to Thai massages, hot stone massages and Spirulina wraps, this place is perfect for when you need that extra pampering!
Their signature activated charcoal spa is something to consider if you’d like something that will rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin, and give it that smooth feel and glow.

When you enter, there’s a sense of calm and the feeling that you’ll be in good hands. Lovely music, and a spotless clean, quiet sort of ambience that makes you forget about the chaos of the Bangalore traffic outside.
The activated charcoal spa is designed to exfoliate skin, remove dead skin cells and eliminate impurities from your skin. The spa has a super spacious locker room area to change into your robe and showers to get yourself refreshed after your treatment. There’s also a jacuzzi and a steam room for you to relax in post-spa. Their gym is located conveniently close by so you can head to the spa after a great workout.

My spa therapist was very welcoming as she led me into the spa room. It was dimly lit and smelled amazing, with soothing music that played at a volume that could lull you into the most relaxed state.
The activated charcoal scrub is made with a combination of activated charcoal and yogurt. Activated charcoal is basically purified charcoal that is porous enough to pull out impurities from your skin. The combination of both is known to help tighten your pores and soothe irritations, while also leaving it fresh and moisturized.

The spa therapist started with a gentle dry massage and then went on to massage the mixture of activated charcoal and yogurt into my skin, covering the entire body. It was not too gritty or harsh, and was just right to give my skin proper exfoliation. It smelled amazing too!
After a very relaxing massage for over half an hour, that soothed my tired muscles from everyday stress, the activated charcoal mask was left on my skin for about fifteen minutes for it to seep in and draw out the impurities.
After a refreshing shower and steam, I sipped on some lovely cranberry green tea.
I felt super relaxed after my activated charcoal spa. I tend to have dry skin as you guys know, and after this, it felt soft and had that squeaky-clean feeling to it. You just feel really, really clean after one of these and it’s like nothing can ruin your skin after! All I wanted to do after the spa was to chill and have a long nap after eating a delicious meal. That’s just what I did next, had a lovely pasta at the M Cafe and headed home to relax.
I’d highly recommend planning a day at Serena Spa by Heaven on Earth Wellness if you have a weekend to spare. Go for a delicious brunch and then some much-needed TLC at the spa and you’re all set! Make sure you book your appointment well in advance because they’ve become super popular in a short period of time.
Apart from the activated charcoal spa, they’ve also got a whole range of pampering facials, massages and beauty treatments. Book your appointment here.
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