My Goa Story ft The Eternal Traveller Collection by Label Nikita Bajoria

My Goa Story ft The Eternal Traveller Collection by Label Nikita Bajoria

I think 2017, for me, will go down as the year I rediscovered my latent love for travel. While it’s just a start and I have a long way to go before I cover my favourite places in this gorgeous country, and see my passport peppered with stamps, it has begun! Goa is one of those places that I had on my bucket list, but never got to visit due to so many reasons – friends cancelling plans, lack of enough leave, and a lot more. This year, I finally got to experience this paradise, and I know I will definitely be going back!

I was in Goa for two reasons – one, the LifePlugin Summit – a fun, interactive event that combined networking with personal development. Two, to relax, unwind and understand what the place is all about and why people love going there. And on my next trip I want to spend even more time there as a traveller.

Resort wear is a category I’ve always wanted to explore – I love the fun, fluid silhouettes and how some designers experiment with colours and fabrics! The Eternal Traveller collection by Nikita Bajoria caught my eye for just this reason. She’s one of the freshest designers in India, and this is her debut collection, which was launched this year. What I loved about the collection is the use of different kinds of materials, and the way that helps the pieces transition from resort to prêt with ease.

Here’s my take on Goa featuring my favourite outfit, the Zerlinda, from The Eternal Traveller Collection by Nikita Bajoria.

Goa for me was all about embracing my wild side as I took in the gorgeous, clean beaches, watched the waves cascading over and rediscovered being carefree and free of all stress.

As I looked at the horizon, the wind in my hair, and not one anxious thought in my mind, I truly wished I’d never have to go back to the noise, the chaos and the cold impersonal vibe of the city.

This adorable mini satchel from Chumbak was the perfect companion to complement this outfit.

What I love about this outfit is that it’s great to wear both while on the beach and can also be styled at a beach party or brunch!

It’s also the perfect combination of fitted and flowy silhouettes. The pastel colours are vibrant yet cool.

Label Nikita Bajoria was born out of the designer’s love for fluid silhouettes and experimentation with different materials. The colours of dawn to dusk have been incorporated into the collection and we shot just around dusk at the beach to capture this essence. Crepes, organza, satin and georgettes come together to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that are versatile when it comes to styling, and transcend seasons.

You can check out Label Nikita Bajoria’s full collection here and follow them on Instagram here.

Photography: Harshit Lalan
Outfit Details
Dress by Label Nikita Bajoria
Satchel by Chumbak
Sunglasses by Fastrack
Earrings (bought a long time ago, don’t remember)
Choker by Chumbak

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