Craft Your Own Fairytale – Fall Winter Editorial ft. Kazo

When we were little girls, we’d sit starry-eyed on our mom or dad’s knee listening to them read out fairytales. Of lands far away, of kings, queens, princesses, evil witches, castles and dragons. Our imaginations soared, and we’d dream of someday finding our own story and crafting our own wondrous world.

But as the years rolled by, we grew older, came across challenges of our own and some of the magic gradually faded away from our memories.
That’s the thing about magic though. It never truly leaves you. It’s that feeling of awe when you look up at a night sky studded with twinkling stars. That sense of joy you get when someone you love does something totally unexpected for you. It’s stumbling across vast expanses of lush green that looks like they jumped out of your dreams, when you travel.
The last time I did a Fall/Winter fashion editorial, I was inspired by the colours, the moods and the styles commonly associated with Fall. This time though, I found a whole new way to look at fall fashion, which can be a mix of so many different textures, colours and moods. Kazo’s new Fall/Winter collection plays with the idea of an Italian fairytale, ‘La Fiaba’. From experimental silhouettes, sheer and layering, cold shoulders, metallics and interesting textures, the collection is as familiar as it is different.
My first look captures the fairytale we all grew up with – that feeling of being your own princess, of believing in magic, of daring to never let your dreams be defined or limited by anything. This gorgeous pink maxi dress has delicate beaded detailing on the bodice and a pretty pleated skirt.

This dress evokes memories in me of playing dress up with my dolls, and reading Russian fairytales on hot summer afternoons. Now, I can see myself wearing it at the Palazzo Pitti as I take in the sights and sounds of Florence on my dream vacation.

This next look is about that realization, that understanding that fairytales are created not by destiny, but by your own dreams. It’s all about taking charge and crafting your own story that fascinates the world.

I accessorized this royal purple skater dress with one of Kazo’s signature sling bags and statement earrings with a cuff.

The perfect power dress that’ll take you from work to cocktails in a jiffy. I created a smoky eye and a bold lip for this look.

Finally, it’s all about redefining the rules of what dreams should be, of breaking free from what people think a queen should look like. It’s the fusion of my love for creating my own rules while also staying true to the things I love. The statement jacket and clutch make me stand out while the classic black dress (albeit with an interesting texture) balances them out.

This is my fairytale, inspired by Kazo’s central theme of La Fiaba. You can create your own too, one that you personally relate to, one that makes you happy and is unique to you.

Walking into a world that brings my individuality alive while experimenting with tried and tested forms sums up my entire approach to fashion, and Kazo’s Fall/Winter collection epitomizes this.

This was personally my favourite look out of all three because of how much it relates to the kind of person I am! I loved playing with the textures and colours in this look to bring out the essence of fall and of my kind of fairytale. My kind of fairytale doesn’t have an ending – it’s an extension of my life, living the dreams I’ve only imagined all my life, expressing myself the way I want to and taking hold of every chapter.

I hope you enjoyed being with me on my fairytale journey with Kazo. What’s your favourite look? You can explore and shop the entire collection here or at a store near you!

Photography: Arjun Shaw & Chaya Gogoi from PicsPlot

Location Courtesy: The Courtyard House

Outfit details: 
All outfits and accessories except for footwear are from Kazo.

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    1. Yeah, I really love the first one a lot. The last one is something I relate to (that jacket was like love at first sight!)

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