This Mani-Pedi Experience at Bodycraft Is the Bomb!

Sometimes you just need a good pampering session to let go of all the stress from the week and just sit back, relax, and forget about everything else. Bodycraft is one of the city’s most well-loved salon chains, known for their amazing facials, hair services and spa services as well the most. I recently had the chance to see why at the launch of their¬†Bomb Cosmetics Manicure and Pedicure services at their Indiranagar outlet. Read on to know more about my experience!

The Indiranagar salon is pretty huge and I appreciated that I didn’t have to wait too long before I went for the service despite them being so popular. The salon has separate sections for each type of service, and a huge room that focuses on manicure and pedicure services. The ambience was set up in a way that gave a spa feel, with relaxing music, luxe interiors and soft lighting.

Bomb Cosmetics is a natural, handmade cosmetics brand from the UK which has the most colourful and yummy-scented products, from bath bombs to body butters and handmade soaps made in fun shapes like cupcakes and sundaes.

I started with the manicure. My hands were soaked in a warm bath, to which the manicurist added a cupcake-shaped bath bomb that smelled just like candy. It fizzed around in the bath and I felt it dissolve between my fingers, and I even played around with it a little. Super relaxing.

She then filed my nails in a round shape and proceeded to use the Black currant body polish as a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. The whole process made my hands feel soft, nourished and well groomed.
My favourite was the pedicure though – somehow pedicures always end up making you feel so pampered, especially when it gets to the foot massage. My pedicurist used a different bath bomb for my pedicure, also in a pretty cupcake shape that smelled like vanilla. The scrub was great in terms of sloughing off dead skin and smoothing the soles of my feet.
When it comes to nailpolish, they have a lot of different shades to choose from, and I went for teal toenails and pink nails. The manicurist and the pedicurist were both very attentive to me, and I especially liked how they didn’t hurry through the process but took their time in making sure I enjoyed the experience. Using bath bombs was a refreshing change from the usual products that salons tend to use during these services. If you’re ever in the mood for some pampering, give the Bomb Cosmetics Manicure or Pedicure a try!
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