A HUGE Thank You – Sartorial Secrets Turns 2 Today!

I’ve been ‘blogging’ since as far back as I can remember. Back when the word ‘blog’ didn’t exist, I’d stowed away tons and tons of diaries, little notebooks and scraps of paper on which I’d put down my thoughts, my everyday routines, my dreams and my fears. I then moved on to a little LiveJournal blog (which I still sometimes write in to this day) that has some really amazing memories.

Now I’ve always been crazy about fashion and makeup. When I was about 4, I was fascinated by nailpolish. My mom took me to work with her one day, and discovered me in a corner of her office with her bottle of correction fluid, my nails painted with it as well as a 4 year old could, as I proudly showed her my hands. She laughs about it now, but she freaked out, dragged me to the loo and scrubbed it all off my tiny hands. Actually, it was she who got me interested in all this. I’d see her getting ready for work, always immaculately turned out in one of her fabulous saris, with accessories to match and a swipe of lipstick. Her lipstick collection was pretty amazing as were (and still are) her saris. She’d pick my wardrobe when I was little, and I had a lot of really bright, fun colours in my wardrobe and a ton of shoes. Probably why I love colours even now and choose statement pieces!

I started Sartorial Secrets as an exploration into how much I can do with fashion, and to hopefully inspire others who want to know how to dress up well. I’ve blogged streetstyle outfits, fashion editorials, fashion tips and tricks, beauty reviews and tips, and about food and fine dining. I’ve connected with so many other fellow bloggers over these past two years and discovered their work too. I’ve attended tons of events, and had the privilege to work with brands like Kazo, MAC, Forever21, Sephora, Maybelline, Jabong, Makeup For Ever, Givenchy, and so many more. I’ve been covered in the press and n TV for my take on trends. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that all this would have been possible in these two years, and for that I’m thankful.

But no matter how much I grow in the coming years, I’ll always be grateful for you – my audience. You have no idea how much it makes my day to receive messages on Instagram or comments on the blog from those of you who take the time to read. For me, your feedback matters and I’d appreciate more of it, so I can know what you like seeing on here. Sartorial Secrets is a work in progress, and always will be as I strive towards creating more and more interesting content for you guys, whether it’s through my photoshoots or my articles.

Here’s to two absolutely fantastic years and looking forward to the days to come!
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