Homemade Nachos, Yummy Rice Bowls & More At Food-E Koramangala!

Food-E Koramangala

As far as fusion food goes, there’s just so many restaurants, each trying to outdo the other in this sort of experimentation. But it often just ends up being a confusing mish-mash of flavours that end up not being as exciting as they sound. When I went to Food-E Koramangala, I had this at the back of my mind, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. Read on to know what I liked at this fun cafe!

From the outside it looks rather unassuming, at its location next to the Maharaja signal in Koramangala but once you enter, you get a sense of the warmth and fun attitude of the owners.

Done up in orange and brown, there’s a huge wall where customers can post their comments and feedback that unlike many places, these guys actually consider when creating new menus and options!
Drinks and starters:

We started with some of their coolers. The Cranberry Virgin Mojito tasted fresh and delicious, and not as artificial as many of the other places I’ve tried. If you prefer to keep it simple, try the Fresh Mint and Basil Cooler instead.

They have an assortment of delicious starters both for veggies and non-vegetarians. Their loaded nachos are specially made in-house using maize flour so they tend to be slightly thicker than regular nachos. They still pack a punch in terms of flavour, and are served with salsa, jalapenos and baked beans. A crunchy start to your meal! The chicken variant has chicken chunks on top in addition to the other ingredients.
My personal favourite was the hot garlic crispy potatoes. Usually a Chinese starter, the spices added an unexpected Indian twist to it which turned out to be great. We couldn’t stop digging into it and it disappeared pretty fast! The non-veggies can try the spicy chilli garlic wings, which were well-cooked and fiery to taste.
Main course:
For the main course, they have burgers, pizzas and their signature rice bowls.

The Palak Paneer Rice Bowl sounds simple enough but it was beyond amazing. The gravy was rich and tempered with just the right amount of spices, and the rice was sauteed with onions, corn and cashews which made it even more tasty and filling. Served with a side of papads, this is a meal in itself. The Shrimp Masala Rice Bowl is another option, but everyone agreed that the Palak Paneer won hands down.

The Farmhouse Veggie Burger was freshly prepared and way better than any McDonald’s could try. It had that certain home-made style to it, and was served deconstructed on a wooden platter. The patty was crisp but not too oily, and the chef special sauce was tangy and paired perfectly with the veggies and the patty. I would have loved some mustard with it, though. You can also try their Triple Rack burger – they have 5 different kinds of burgers for every kind of palate. They also have steaks that are served with a side of veggies and simmered in creamy buffalo sauce.

The best way to end a meal at Food-E is by trying the Paan Shot Milkshake. It’s not sickeningly sweet, instead it has just the right hint of paan. Not a fan of paan? Try the Mango Bounty which has a very pina colada flavour to it, made with mango icecream and coconut.
So the next time you’re in Koramangala and want to try something different, head to Food-E and discover some of their best! For more on food and lifestyle, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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