Why Your Smartphone Is Your Best Fashion Accessory

When I put together a look, it’s the fashion accessories that complete it and make it stand out. They add character and elegance to the entire outfit. But there’s one fashion accessory that also doubles up as one of the most useful and important things I carry, and that’s the smartphone. Whether I’m uploading the latest from the events I attend on my Instagram stories, or taking great pictures, it’s super essential that my smartphone looks as on trend as my outfits!

The best fashion accessory you can own that way is your smartphone. It’s all about how it feels when you hold it, the compact screen size that isn’t too heavy or clunky for you to use, the smooth metallic colour that’ll look stylish no matter what you’re wearing. When you look at the best Android smartphones out there, there’s a recent uptick in the number of colour variants available. For me, that’s something that belongs in the early 2000s and not now – besides, what happens if you get tired of that colour? (that’s what phone cases are for anyway!)

There’s something very classy and elegant about colours like sleek black, metallic gold or silver and my favourite, rose gold. You’d usually see these colours in metal body smartphones, and they’re timeless. InFocus is soon coming up with a brand new smartphone that stands out for its amazing design, compact screen size and beautiful colours. It’s going to be launching soon, and it’s going to be one of the best smartphones below Rs. 10,000. The camera is one of the best in its range, and it’ll make taking great selfies super easy and fun. This model will also come under the category of fingerprint smartphones, making it simple to keep all your data and photos safe. The best part of course is the proposed battery life which completely goes with their campaign #ChargeLessDoMore!

For me personally, what stands out in a smartphone are three things – the overall looks of the phone, having a 4G smartphone for the best data for all my social media posts, and the battery life that lasts all through my shenanigans throughout the day. The InFocus Foxconn smartphone covers all these three aspects, so I’m really excited to know what they have in store for us this time! Stay tuned through this month to know what InFocus is bringing to the market very soon! For more from the world of lifestyle, follow us on Instagram!

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with InFocus. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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