South Indian Flavours With A Farzi Twist!

South Indian Flavours With A Farzi Twist!

Everyone’s favourite Farzi Cafe has recently come up with brand new additions to its menu. Personally I have loved how much they’ve brought in experimentative Indian cuisine with so many restaurants now trying to keep up with it too. From Bailey’s lollipops to Parle G cheesecake, their one-of-a-kind dishes captured everyone’s imagination! Read on to know what’s new on the menu at Farzi.

I grew up on banta, the delicious lemony soda sold by bantawalas on the streets of Delhi. Dusty glass bottles with a marble that you push down through the opening to drink lemon soda tempered with chaat masala, and feel so refreshed by! Here they’re a cocktail with a Farzi twist. A hint of vodka peeks out of the rest of the awesomeness of banta tempered with mint. Try the Banta Shikanjvi for sure.

The Farzi Apple Foamtini was presented in a pretty interesting way – the dry ice vapours added to that whole smoky, grand effect. The cocktail was creamy and balanced the sweetness and sourness of green apple. I also tried the Long Island Iced Tea.

Beginning with the starters – we tried the Dhokla and Farsaan salad. Fresh and tempered with the taste of tamarind and green chutney, it was the perfect palate activator to start the meal.

The Mac and Cheese pakora bites could have packed a little more flavour, but the hot garlic sauce they were served with compensated for that. They’d make for great snacks on a rainy day.

The samosas were warm and wholesome, served in the typical tea shop way.

For the non-vegetarians, the Sion Prawn Koliwada was a great way to start off the appetizers. Prawns fried in batter and served up with curry leaves and chilli powder.

The Thai green curry paneer tikka was rather interesting – the green curry flavours came through just perfectly, and the paneer was soft and melt-in-the-mouth.

For the main course at Farzi Cafe, we tried Bisi Bele Bhaat with a twist – the charred artichokes and cherry tomato combined with the spices and the risotto rice made for a fulfilling main course.

Finally, it was time for dessert. We loved this twist on the classic ghewar, a sweet from Rajasthan. The creamy, milky flavours and the slight hint of rose made it the perfect ending to a lovely meal.

Head to Farzi Cafe to experience its new menu and let me know what your favourites are! For more on fine dining, food and lifestyle, follow us on Instagram. Join us on Snapchat for live event updates, unboxing and a lot more!

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