Lots of (Cheung) Fun At Zen, the Leela Palace This Month!

It’s always a pleasure to dive into the amazing melting pot that Asian food is. There’s so much innovation along with introducing traditional aspects of the cuisine that we’re gradually discovering through a lot of restaurants opening up. You know those subtle yet spicy flavours, those delectable dimsums, and delicious gravies and sauces? Well, this time I got to explore the Southern side of Chinese cuisine at Zen, the Leela Palace. Read on to know more about the Cheung Fun Festival we experienced!

A cheung fun is basically a rice noodle roll stuffed with meat or vegetables. It’s mostly served as a snack, appetizer or small meal, but is surprisingly filling. I think it’s my second favourite appetizer after dimsums because there’s so much variety in the way it’s presented!

We had a lovely brunch table with the usual suspects. Zen is the Asian restaurant that’s part of the stunningly beautiful Leela Palace on Old Airport Road. They’ve got a lovely indoor setting, as well as an outdoor setting depending on what you prefer. We sat inside with a great view of the gardens.
The Manchow Soup was the perfect start to the meal – warm, balanced and well-tempered with spices.

We then dug into a refreshing summer salad before we began with the Cheung Fun menu.

There were 4 varieties of non-vegetarian Cheung Fun and 3 varieties of vegetarian Cheung Fun. We started with the Crispy Vegetable Cheung Fun which was tempered well with spices and flavours with an added crunch.

The Mushroom Cheung Fun was my favourite – the slight hint of truffle oil that mingled with the mushrooms made it absolutely delicious.

For the non-vegetarians there was the Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun, the BBQ Pork Cheung Fun, steamed angus with spicy hoisin Cheung Fun and the steamed chicken with black pepper Cheung Fun. The BBQ Pork and the Crispy Prawn turned out to be their favourites.
The main course comprised fried rice and steamed vegetables which was very filling and wholesome.

Dessert is something we always look forward to – I’d highly recommend their in-house sorbets. The lemon sorbet and the litchi sorbet were so fresh and cool – just the right way to feel refreshed in these hot summer days.

Finally, the wasabi cheesecake was soft, creamy and slightly sweet, though I could not taste much of the wasabi except a little in the aftertaste. I’d still recommend trying it.

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Asian food from the different regions of China, head to Zen at the Leela Palace. The interiors, the mood and the ambience will add to the delectable experience you’ll have dining there.
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