Say Goodbye to Damaged Tresses With The Malibu C Treatment!

Say Goodbye to Damaged Tresses With The Malibu C Treatment!

Post contributed by Gayatri Iyer

Oh la la laaa..No, I am not singing to the tune, but it is my hair that is dancing to the lovely hair makeover. Thanks to the brand new Malibu C and Olaplex hair treatments at the luxurious Neu Salonz, Gurgaon.

A hot, sunny afternoon and all I had to do was to simply sit back and let my tresses be taken care of by some revolutionary products and treatments.

So, how are they revolutionary? Well, did you know the amount of damage chlorinated water that we use day in and day out causes? I for one did not, and realized perhaps that was the reason why my hair and scalp felt so unhealthy despite using the best products in town.

Malibu C, the cutting edge vitamin C infused treatment has been recently introduced here in India from the sunny Malibu Town of California, USA.

It is a two-step formula wherein a patented antioxidant vitamin C infused gel is gently massaged to your scalp and hair for a couple of minutes. This gel attracts all the mineral deposits from the scalp and hair, thereby preventing further damage to the hair. Then after 15 minutes, it is washed off with a powerful reconstructor formula shampoo that refills the weakened strands and strengthens each strand from within for a long lasting cure rather than a superficial one.

And voila! All you get is soft, shiny and bouncy hair similar to the celebrities in various shampoo ads. I felt nothing short of a celebrity running my hands through my short tresses. Oh and it truly lives up to its name of Malibu freshness, the light spearmint fragrance was a blessing in this maddening heat.

With the base for the rest of the makeover set, now it was time for some dramatic fun. I wanted to get a dramatic makeover through some funky cut and colouring, but on the downside I was very worried about the chemical damage I would be putting my hair through. But, my fears were put to rest with the use of the latest Olaplex effect. It is a phenomenal treatment that restores damaged hair, molecule by molecule.

The Olaplex formula is simply added to your treatment; whether it is colouring or a simple hair straightening session. Thus, preventing the splitting of the hair strand and sealing it to prevent further damage. While we have a plethora of masks, oils and conditioners but they are very cosmetic and do not strengthen the hair from the inside. Anyone or everyone who has put their tresses to colouring, thermal treatment, keratin or even regular blow dry would benefit from this.

Being the first time I coloured my hair, I did not feel that my hair has been damaged or dry like hay simply because the Olaplex multiplier and bond perfector solutions were added to the colouring mix. In fact it is much fuller and healthier now, not to mention absolutely stylish. To maintain these tresses, you can even use the Olaplex hair perfector to make sure the integrity of the strands is maintained. Just drop by to the nearest Salon and ask for these revolutionary products. Believe me; they are worth the time, money and effort. So, say good bye to dry and damaged tresses and say Ola to beautiful healthier hair.

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  1. I really liked Olaplex and could see a visible difference in my hair. Malibu C sounds super interesting too. Would love to try it.

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