The Best Haircare Tips To Control Hair Fall with the New Pantene!


You know that feeling of dread when you’re shampooing your hair and you notice half your hair floating away on the ground towards the drain? Or when you’re combing or brushing your hair and you see it all on the comb or brush? Hair fall is one of the most annoying yet most common haircare concerns most of us have. There’s a lot of different factors responsible for this, from pollution, to growing impurities in the water we use to take a shower, to bad diets and more. But one of the most common causes is also the shampoo you use. Using the same shampoo and conditioner consistently is important and you should use a shampoo especially formulated for hair fall rescue. Here I’m going to give you some basic haircare tips to reduce hair fall* and will also recommend a new product you can try.

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For A Legendary Punjabi Meal, Try Made In Punjab


Ever since I was little, I’ve preferred North Indian food due to my upbringing in the national capital region. There’s something so delicious about even a simple, well-prepared daal or those scrumptious chaats that make snacktime fun. So when I was invited to the launch Made in Punjab, the latest venture from the renowned Zorawar Kalra, I was definitely interested in experiencing how Punjabi cuisine would be reimagined. Here’s what my experience tasting from the menu was like.

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Hydration Skin Treatment For Dry Skin At Heler

Hydration Skin Treatment For Dry Skin At Heler

So it’s time for a party, and you’re busy doing your makeup in front of the mirror. You’re getting ready to apply your foundation, when, horror of horrors! You notice your skin peeling off ever so lightly, but enough so it’s going to be noticeable. It’s peeling off your nose, off your forehead and sometimes in light flakes off your cheek. Dry skin can be really a nightmare to deal with. When it’s winter that’s when all hell seems to break loose on your skin. That tight, dry feeling is something that no amount of cream seems to help. If this sounds familiar, read on.

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More Parsi Deliciousness At Soda Bottle OpenerWala!


Everyone’s favourite destination for Parsi cuisine, Soda Bottle Openerwala has taken their menu up several notches with a whole slew of new offerings. Recently I, along with the usual suspects got to sample part of this delicious new menu that’s got even more innovation going for it. From Sanju Baba’s Paneer for the veggies to the bacon vada pav for the meat lovers, there’s so much to look forward to.

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How to Style a Denim Vest in 4 Ways – Sartorial Secrets


I think denim vests are a fun item to have in your closet – they’re capable of making any ordinary outfit look super cool and help your layering game too! My favourite denim vest is this light washed one from GAP that I like to pair with quite a few different kinds of outfits. Here I’ll take you through how to style a denim vest in 4 ways. Here goes!

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The Sartorial Report: New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 RTW


Whenever Fashion Week rolls around, you can’t help but be excited. If you love fashion as much as I do, the sheer wonder at seeing your favourite designers’ newest creations can’t be matched. When street style photographs give you serious closet envy, when you imagine the delicious chaos of the big 4 – New York, Paris, London and Milan as venues fill up with beautiful people taking their seats, when you just can’t wait to pull on your favourite PJs and watch it live online (dratted time difference!) and risk losing sleep but it’s totally worth it. New York holds a special place in my dreams and so this time too, I’ll be talking about my favourite designers, looks and decode runway trends. Here goes!

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Tips & Tricks to Snap Better Selfies on Your Phone!


Remember those pre-Facebook & pre-Instagram days when we had Hi5, Orkut and MySpace? I’m sure all of you have that one photo of yourself in front of the mirror with your pocket digicam. The earliest selfies were way back then because phones didn’t have the kickass cameras they do now. Now, it’s like a ritual. Wearing a new outfit (and don’t have anyone to take your photo)? Take a selfie. Visited some amazing destination? Take a selfie. Tried a new makeup look? Selfie of course. I personally prefer taking selfies when I want to show you guys a new look or detail from my outfit. Here’s some of the things I keep in mind when I’m taking a selfie so that it comes out looking fab! Read more

Makeup For Ever Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer Review + Makeup Look


Hey guys! It’s been a rough time these past few weeks, what with Bangalore under lockdown from the bandh, me being down with dengue all of a sudden and a few more setbacks. I’m back though, and am bringing you lots more stuff you’ll love including an Anniversary Giveaway coming up really soon! Here I’m going to review a product that works well on most types of skin – the Makeup For Ever Hydrating Primers.

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Featured on EventsHigh As One of the Upcoming Fashion Bloggers In Bangalore

Featured on Events High

I was featured in this article listing some of the top upcoming fashion bloggers in Bangalore. The list includes some of the most stylish fashion bloggers with some of my friends too among a few! Here’s the article about the Upcoming Fashion Bloggers in Bangalore.

A Quick Weekend Getaway At Signature Club Resort Devanahalli


Sometimes you just need to take some time off and get away from it all. Amidst the sea of traffic you see in front of you on your daily commute, or the pile of emails in your inbox, or the general cacophony around you, it can be hard to tap into your inner calm. It’s always a good idea to plan a getaway when life gets too overwhelming, or even in general if you’re bored. Here’s a look at the Signature Club Resort, Devanahalli by the Brigade Group as an amazing option as your go-to getaway! Read on for the full details.

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