A Zesty Look at Roadtrips, Friendship & More!


If you could go on a roadtrip anywhere in the world, where would you go? More importantly, who would you take with you?
There’s a lot of joy in spontaneity. In living life as it comes, but making sure you enjoy every moment with a lot of zest and a lot of fun. For me, amidst the usual ups and downs we all go through, it’s moments that happen without any anticipation that stand out for me. Like that time when my dad surprised me with my favourite dessert when I had a particularly crappy day. Or when at work, a crazy idea between colleagues and I translated into something that totally transformed our brand. Or when we went on a girls’ brunch to the Park just because we thought of dressing up and doing something together. All these moments had one thing in common – a genuine zest for living, a desire to enjoy the finer things in life while appreciating the moments that make them possible.

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Lots of Reasons to #LoveScotch – Talking scotch with Coco Rocha, Dino Morea & more!

Photography Credits: Santosh Kumar

Saturday, 21st May 2016 was World Whisky Day – a day that brought together scotch and whisky connoisseurs from all over to express their appreciation for this classiest of liquors. There are so many different ways to enjoy your favourite blend – some like it on the rocks, some neat, and others experiment with different kinds of cocktails with whisky or scotch. Here’s a look at everything that went down this World Whisky Day at the #LoveScotch event at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangalore!

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Grey Skies, Hot Coffee and Shiny Bling

Outfit of the Day Ft. Rhea Jewellery | Sartorial Secrets

It’s been a while since I posted on here – a lot has been happening over the past few weeks, one being that my faithful HTC One M8 Eye has mysteriously stopped working after just a year – with all the pictures and updates I created for this blog, in it. That was rather hard on my schedule, with so much pending work for the blog lost on that, and it’s left me feeling very low indeed. I’ve also been keeping very ill, as those who follow me on Snapchat would know, it got so bad I had to take a break from everything. As I work hard to get things back on track, I decided to do a new outfit of the day post, this time, inspired by the glorious Bangalore weather which by the way is BACK! Oh how we’ve missed you.

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Not One But TWO New Forever21 Stores In Bangalore!


The end of May marks the start of summer, and the news that Forever21 was opening two shiny new, huge stores in Bangalore was the best news ever! I’ve always loved the styles that the brand offers – it’s a mix of contemporary, fresh and young fashion with so much fun that you can add to your closet. Read on to know where they’ve opened two NEW stores in Bangalore, with Forever21 Men finally making its debut here too!

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Exploring & Styling the Wills Lifestyle Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


Wills Lifestyle is a brand I’d never given much thought to, I’d mainly check out their formalwear collection back in the day when I was a college student and had to wear formals for interviews. I’ve watched the brand try to evolve beyond that with its collections, and so when I was invited to the launch of their Spring/Summer collection, I was intrigued. Their store in Indiranagar in Bangalore has two levels, one with the menswear collection, and the womenswear collection on the first floor. Read more to know what I thought about the collection, my experience at the launch and how I got to style two models with pieces from Wills Lifestyle.

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Nacho Average Food Festival – Taste of Mexico at Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore!


That pun was totally intended 🙂 Last week, I got to preview the Hard Rock Cafe’s most fun food festival yet – Taste of Mexico! Hard Rock Cafe’s always held an old-world charm for most – after the quaint stone castle-like British library became HRC’s home in Bangalore. Combine that with the epic music (goodbye EDM, time for real music) classic rock legends and their original memorabilia and you’ve got yourself a killer ambience. They’re taking their menu up a notch with the all-new selection of Mexican-inspired food and cocktails with the Taste of Mexico food festival, on this entire month. Read on to know everything about what’s worth trying!

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A Blockbuster Phone for that #Supertainment Experience from Le Eco

le eco 1s

Your smartphone isn’t just a phone anymore – in the past two years, manufacturers have been raising the bar over and over to bring out innovations that turn the phone into a lifestyle device. Let’s face it, most of us communicate mostly through our phones and it’s much easier than getting on to the laptop for everything. That’s why when I was invited to the unveiling of the Le Eco Superphone, I found that Le Eco \ took the concept of an ‘entertainment device’ several steps ahead. Read to know more about what Supertainment means to Le Eco with the Le Eco 1s and how you can discover it too!

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SENSitive and integral approach to age management


With technology making forays into every field including medicine, it was only a matter of time for it to gather in its wake the fields of cosmetology, dentistry, and allied paramedical and aesthetic sciences. The Wave Group, one of the leading business conglomerates of India launched SENS – India’s first holistic age-management centre in South Extension, New Delhi.

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The Art of Being A Sartorially Perfect Gentleman; Luxury Men’s Ties From Style Dotty


What do you think makes the perfect gentleman? Is it his confidence, his sartorial style, his tastes? To me, it’s a carefully crafted combination of style, substance, the passion to learn, an enjoyment of the finer things in life, and wonderful manners.

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Experiencing laser hair removal at ISAAC, New Delhi


Post contributed by Ms. Radha, Head of the Delhi wing of Sartorial Secrets.

Recently, a bloggers’ meet was held at the International Skincare and Anti-Ageing Centre (ISAAC) to demystify the different options available to the modern woman who is not shy of trying out laser hair removal, skin care, anti-ageing and other treatment regimens to enhance her beauty.

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